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The families in safita 

safita team are pleased to present the names of safita families as follows :

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Hotel Safita Cham Palace (4****) 


Village - P.o Box , 25 - Safita - Syria Hotel  Safita Cham Palace

The hotel is located in the mountain town of Safita, overlooking the strolling valleys. It is located near the Gothic Crusaders Fortresses of Castle Blanc and the Krak des Chevaliers.

150 kms to the nearest airport (damascus)
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10 km south of Draykish, 35 km east of Tartus and 350 m above sea-level, Safita is surrounded by hills covered with olive trees and flowers on all sides.

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about safita 



Safita is a city in north-western Syria, located to the southeast of Tartous and to the northwest of Krak des Chevaliers. The city has a population of 33,000. It is located on the tops of 3 hills and the valleys in between them, in the coastal mountain ranges of Syria. It was important during the crusades, and was inhabited by the Knights Templar of the castle Chastel Blanc while part of the County of Tripoli

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