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All thing refer to love 


So let me sleep among your wet gardens …
Because I am really in need to lemon carrying the holy juice…
Who said that you are not my stray!
Who said that you are not my sleepy dreams from centuries!
Before you came , my home was sad and strange …
And with you , my place of exile became the place of my pleasure …
How morning is so beautiful when I write about you !
How night is so merciful when it entertains with your eyes !
Yesterday , god spoke with me , said :
My slave, you pray me more for peace!
Then, I said: there is no is no difference…
Because I see you in her, and glorify you through her…
*   *   *
forgive me if I long for you as the longing if wind to rocks …
Because every thing in you refers to love which will never be repeated…
So our duty is carrying the bags of love
And crying on the sleeping pavements
And dancing on sad street …

And as the louging of maiden skies to eagles…

Because there is no thing more beautiful than the wake of love …
And there is nothing more wonderful than the dance of peace …
*  *  *
when you laugh to cold loaf
I become satisfied from the mercy of birth ..
And enter your lighting cities
As a child whose heart is full of happiness so , blessed are the laughers on earth because they have the joys of sky
And blessed is your intoning mouth
Because it has the tune of good.
*   *  *
time precedes us
so we should make the revolution of departure
and surrender , then , if victory comes
we will be in the paradise of the right crucifix
so, embrace me as the embrace of the infant to life
and as the embrace of the sunk to the forearm of safety…
--- ramas-- 2001

Posted on Thursday, March 15 @ 22:34:58 EDT by admin

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All thing refer to love

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